As newlyweds, we were very excited to be pregnant with our first child. We chose to work with a midwife and envisioned a homebirth, free from unnecessary medical intervention. The pregnancy was typical until at 35 weeks Kiley went into early labor. At the doctor’s office, Kiley discovered that our son, Norbert, had already passed away, and he was born still the next day, July 12, 2005. The cause of his death was a liver cyst that had grown rapidly in the third trimester. Not only was our vision of a natural, non-medical birth experience gone but losing our first child in this shocking and completely unexpected way shattered our lives.

 We did have the opportunity to spend some time with our son at the hospital, however our experience with the medical professionals was appalling, the staff was wholly unprepared, and the resources were sparse.  Since then, we have wanted to educate doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals about better ways to interact and care for their patients, so that those who experience this loss in the future have better treatment and support.

Because we have felt very isolated in our experience, our hope is that the film raises awareness about the experience of stillbirth and infant death, lets others know that they are not alone, and brings hope and healing to grieving families.